How to Build your Brand on Social Media?

A brand is something that everyone closely associates with while buying a product. A brand gives a buyer a sense of trust in the seller’s products and services that is why everyone values it the most.

Therefore, building a brand should be one of the topmost priorities of any new business.

This is where today’s social media plays a vital role as it helps entrepreneurs make themselves visible to the world in a relatively shorter period of time. It provides a digital platform for the sellers to engage with their potential buyers by constantly monitoring their opinions and having regular interactions.

Here are a few steps to get things started.

1. Define your goals and expertise

Before you start with anything else, primarily you must set the goals and expectations your business aims to achieve. You may wish to share your expertise on a social media platform or wish to influence millions of followers through your exclusive content. The goal may be anything but they all need a well-planned strategy that aligns with the goals of your business. Therefore, this step becomes important in letting people know what exactly you are there for and whether they should follow you or not.

2. Define your goals and expertise

All the big brands that you see today did not become successful overnight. Coca Cola you know today started a little more than a century ago. Nike would very well know what patience means in their 50+ years of journey. Though you may not have to wait for such a long time to set up your brand, however, consistency is still a key for your business to succeed. So, make sure that the designs and logos that use you use stay consistent on all the social media accounts. It helps to send a clear and focussed message on the brand’s vision and goals it aims to achieve. Using different logos for each account confuses the user thereby compelling them to move away to a more consistent brand.

3. Use visuals and colors

Colors are a creative way of building a strong emotional connection with your customers. According to famous color theorist, Faber Birren, different colors generate different human responses. Also, the same color would have the same reaction from people from different geographies. Therefore, choosing the right colors which stays consistent across all platforms can help strengthen brand awareness and provide a professional look.

4. Post regular and meaningful content

Gone are the days when you kept uploading tons of posts to get higher engagement. Nowadays, posting excessive content may make you look desperate and leave your customers annoyed. Posting content on alternate days and keeping the conversations open from both ends is the right way to do it. The better the quality of the content, the higher is the engagement in your posts. People value quality over quantity so design a content calendar in such a way that keeps your followers engrossed with the brand name. It is okay to share your personal stories with your audience. It will tell them more about your creative personality and what you are made of.

5. Use a language that your audience understands

You may feel that all the business-related conversations should be formal and they should sound professional. Well, that’s not the case on social media platforms. Don’t be afraid to be witty or filled with humor in your responses. Have a human-like conversation with your audience. According to a research conducted by Andrew Stephen, Marketing Professor at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, and Associate Marketing Professor Felipe Thomaz, the best marketing campaigns are those where there is a more personable and human way of communication by the brands. Sometimes such responses even end up going viral across the internet which boosts your brand popularity.

6. Build Connections

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

It’s always advantageous to have multiple connections on a social media network. Connections with influencers would lead to brand collaborations which are an efficient way of getting your brand known. Social media influencers have a wide following and collaborating with such figures would increase the brand’s awareness. However, signing an influencer isn’t an easy task. You would need lots of time in setting up connections, building relationships and gaining their trust before they finally agree to endorse your brand. Many such influencers are managed by big creative agencies that evaluate the viability of your proposal. Therefore, it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to catch hold of such social media influencers.

7. Campaign promotions

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To boost up your online and offline presence, social campaigns prove out to be a very effective method. Online contests and similar such campaigns help brands to quickly gain visibility and create leads. Such campaigns often require you to award your audience with some incentives so that they stay enthusiastic in participating in such events. Once they find value in your offerings, they will themselves be encouraged to follow and share more of such events. It may be a little on the expensive side, but it is an investment worth considering. Check this out to understand how promotional campaigns can improve brand awareness.

8. Join focussed groups

There are a lot of platforms that provide users to be a part of groups focussed on particular businesses and topics. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook offer such a network of groups where you can share your expertise and gain insights into areas relevant to your business. This method of knowledge sharing helps you overcome a lot of challenges that come along while running your brand. Make sure to find and join discrete, topic-centred groups to narrow down the discussions relevant to your domain.


To sum it all up, building your brand requires patience, perseverance, and a lot of dedication right from the beginning. A good brand is not the one that everyone knows but it is that everyone trusts. People’s expectations rise each time you provide them with meaningful content and they would eagerly wait for your upcoming post or announcement. Therefore, always keep all your accounts updated with the latest from your expertise.

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