Finding Influencers to Promote your Brand: 5 Key Factors

Influencers play a vital part in making your marketing campaign a big success. So, it becomes quite essential to put a lot of effort into finding influencers to promote your brand.

Before we dig into some of the easy ways of finding influencers, you may want to check out this blog by Brand05 to know how influencer marketing works.

A mismatch between influencers and the brand’s goals and visions often leads to confusion in your audiences’ minds. Brands are unable to spread an effective message and eventually struggle to connect with their audience. For example, a brand providing tourism services or travel kits might not be interested in a blogger who posts extensively on cooking recipes.

Therefore, one must be very careful while selecting the right influencer to represent your brand. You can hire a macro-influencer or micro-influencer depending upon the budget and the audience size you wish to achieve.

Here I have tried to list down five key factors of finding influencers to promote your brand that would boost its presence in the market.

01. Understand your brand’s goal and objectives

Before you start searching influencers, you must plan what your business aims to achieve. It would help you focus on finding influencers that you want instead of browsing through the entire list of influencers.

These influencers’ work should align with the core activities of your brand. You must read through the blogger’s posts and content to get an idea of the audience this influencer entertains.

Your brand may be serving five different segments of the entertainment industry but your influencer would be of no use if he only posts fitness tips 5 days a week.

Even in a particular niche of influencers, there are so many sub-categories. Do they write blogs on food habits? Are they bloggers who share exciting cooking recipes? Do they post vlogs on cuisines from different parts of the world? There are thousands of influencers trying to provide unique content to their audience. So, you need to carefully examine which influencer closely fits your brand’s style of working.

02. Publicize your brand by finding influencers with higher engagements

You would never want to be associated with an influencer who only follows a one-way mode of communication. For example, you may have seen when influencers live-stream to their audience they leave their comments section active. Or when influencers give a like to user’s comments and reactions. This way communications stay a two-way channel and help the influencers better connect to their viewers.

In today’s world of marketing, a brand needs to hear, engage, and respond to the views of their customers. Customers are no more mere spectators of the content you provide. They want to actively participate in the brand’s decision making and choices.

Similarly, influencers also need to interact with their audience to gain their trust and loyalty. Do the viewers reply, share, or comment on the influencer’s post frequently? How many followers return to check for newer content? How many times does the influencer respond to the user’s comments and queries? All these factors determine if the influencer is perfect to endorse your brand or not. Check out some of the top Instagram influencers with high engagement rates.

03. Look for influencers with quality posts to promote your brand

An influencer having several posts on his social media page would not necessarily guarantee him millions of followers. People are smart enough to identify whether influencers care for their audience or are just working to increase their follower count. For example, when a creator tries to spam its social media page with content that is similar and meaningless, they may not justice when it comes to advertising your brand.

Influencers with authentic and quality content can attract new and returning visitors to their websites. Check if the influencer’s posts benefit their audience or they are simply a place to run ads. Do the influencers keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and trends that are popular among their audience? Do their posts look like a 5-minute job or have they extensively researched before making the post? All these questions will help you move closer to your goal.

04. Find your influencer a good content strategy

Finding influencers doesn’t just mean picking up a popular person from social media and ask them to promote your product. Before that, you need to create an engaging content strategy that your promoter would work on. The idea of the brand will then come out as a story that will keep your customers glued to it. It will also give the influencer enough space to showcase its creativity without deviating from the brand’s vision. For example, when influencer marketing platforms like Band05 run marketing campaigns they keep everything ready and scripted for the influencers. The influencer does not need to worry about the content strategy. Instead, he would focus on creating content on those lines.

When the bloggers or the creators speak to their audience in a language that they understand, it leaves a deeper impact on their minds. So, make sure you are ready with an exciting story to tell before you sign up a story-teller.

05. Reach out to an influencer marketing agency

Finding influencers to promote your brand can turn out to be a very tedious job. You may start by selecting the best influencers from your niche and spend big amounts. However, there might also be a possibility of missing out on consistent performers who might not be that famous. Choosing the influencer with the most number of followers isn’t always going to give you the desired results.

In such cases, you may wish to hire the services of an influencer marketing agency. One such example of a leading influencer marketing platform is Brand05. Brand05 has a wide network of over 50 Million social media influencers. They help you choose influencers by analyzing the influencer’s true engagement, type of content, frequency of posts, their pricing, and their performance with other brands. At Brand05, you also get the liberty to select influencers based on regions, personalities, and platforms on which they operate. It gets all your work done in one place.


You may wish to build your brand on social media or hire the services of a specialist. The latter makes sure your brand’s message reaches the right audience at the right time. Having a leading marketing platform like Brand05 also gives that added reinforcement. Therefore it becomes quite essential to follow a pragmatic approach while choosing the right person for the job.

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